Are Tankless Water Heaters Worth It?

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Are tankless water heaters worth it? This is a question that many homeowners are asking these days. The answer, in short, is yes. They are becoming more and more popular for a good reason. Tankless water heaters provide several benefits that traditional water heaters cannot match.

What Are Tankless Water Heaters?

A tankless water heater is also known as an instantaneous water heater. It is a compact wall unit that takes up less space than a standard water heater and is known for its environmentally friendly ways. These compact units take up less space than standard tanks while providing hot showers or baths when you need them! Tankless water heaters are one of the most energy-efficient ways to provide your home with hot water, and you can use them in both gas and electric settings.

Benefits of Gas Tankless Water Heaters

The demand for hot water is constant. We all know that water is essential for life, but did you also realize how much of a difference it can make in your energy bill? There has been some fantastic progress with 24% – 34% when talking about tankless versus storage tanks. This means they are more efficient and will cost less annually when used by someone who uses 41 gallons or less per day. If you are considering making the switch, there are a few things you should know about gas-fired tankless heaters, including the following benefits:

  • energy efficient
  • affordable
  • instant hot water
  • longer lifespan

Tankless water heaters are plumbing appliances that many homeowners choose to install in their homes. Gas-fired tankless heaters can save you more than $100 per year! North Peachtree Plumbing can answer all of your questions about tankless water heaters today and help you with all of your plumbing services! Call (678) 234-8385.

Benefits of Electric Tankless Heaters

Electric tankless water heaters are becoming more prevalent in newer homes. They are small and compact, and you can install them virtually anywhere in the home. Electric tankless water heaters have many of the same benefits as gas-fired tankless heaters, but there are a few key differences that you should know about:

Electric benefits include:

  • can be added at anytime
  • high efficiency
  • long-term savings
  • environmentally friendly

As you can see, there are many reasons to consider a tankless water heater for your home. If you have been thinking about making the switch or needing plumbing services to help you install a new unit, contact North Peachtree Plumbing today! We would be happy to help you save money and energy with a tankless water heater.

Why Are Tankless Heaters Better Than Tank Storage Water Heaters?

Traditional water heaters have a storage tank that collects and holds hot water while washing the dishes or washing clothes. You will not have ample hot water whenever you need it with storage tanks. Tankless heaters are great because:

  • They provide you with instant hot water since they do not have any tanks.
  • Have a longer lifespan than your average heater, so it is not necessary to replace or update for some time!
  • Use high-powered burners to quickly heat water as it passes through a heat exchanger and provide it to your shower or faucets.
  • And more!

North Peachtree Plumbing would be happy to provide you with more information about tankless water heaters and how they can benefit your home. It is time you update your tanks! Call us today at (678) 234-8385.

The Drawbacks of Storage Water Heaters

The great thing about storage tank water heaters? They cost less than conventional systems. The downside is that you will spend more on electricity during cold months since it has to be heated and reheated every time someone needs to shower! Here are some drawbacks to storage heaters:

  • Utility bills are a little higher.
  • They are larger and take up more space.
  • Storage heaters cannot be installed outside the home like tankless heaters.
  • Three showers in a row are the maximum capacity of most storage tank water heaters.
  • Storage water heaters need to be replaced more frequently than tankless water heaters. They have a shorter lifespan, and you may need to buy and install them nearly twice as often as tankless water heaters.

There are always good things and bad things about appliances, but tankless heaters’ pros outweigh the cons when it comes to water heaters. You can decide which one is right for your home. Contact a plumbing professional at North Peachtree Plumbing for help if you are not sure. They will be able to assess your needs and make a recommendation.

North Peachtree Plumbing is Your Solution 

Are you tired of your water heater? Consider a tankless model that can provide fast and efficient service. North Peachtree Plumbing has the best in town. We offer quick installation, so you will not have long wait times before getting back on track with life again. North Peachtree Plumbing professionals dedicate themselves to bringing you the best customer service. Call us today at (678) 234-8385 or email us at

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