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When most people think of plumbing, they think of indoor fixtures in need of maintenance. Homeowners usually overlook outdoor plumbing services until a problem occurs. After all, they are not always immediately visible. Contact us today for our outdoor plumbing repair and replacement services. Whether you need indoor or outdoor faucet replacement, we have you covered! Give North Peachtree Plumbing a call today to learn more about our outdoor plumbing services!

What Makes Outdoor Plumbing Unique

Indoor plumbing issues usually surface well before a problem occurs. Signs of leaks or unusual noises accompany indoor plumbing issues. Outdoor plumbing issues are much more difficult to notice. This difficulty is heightened if homeowners spend most of their time indoors.

Usually, a significant leak or burst has to occur outdoors for homeowners to realize their problem. However, you could realize you need our services when you least expect them. A diligent plumbing service can address these problems. 

North Peachtree Plumbing can help your home get the service it needs. Our comprehensive plumbing services address issues both indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor faucet replacement, we can help! Our team of plumbing experts can fix all types of outdoor plumbing issues. These issues can include outdoor leaks and pipe repair, among other issues. We will help you save money and time, all while offering an excellent repair rate. 

Outdoor plumbing is unique because it requires early planning and the ability to be flexible. When establishing an outdoor plumbing system, a plumber must consider drainage, water pressure, runoff, and heating. 

Before beginning work on an outdoor plumbing project, we take measures to protect indoor fixtures by putting them in hold-up mode, which holds the water in the pipe after it is turned off. Turn off power at the breaker box before disconnecting any pipes or drain lines and draining all of the water out of your home’s piping system. If there are no valves outside where they can easily be reached, covering exposed piping with insulation during installation or repair work will leave it exposed to cold weather for extended periods or until repaired.

Outdoor plumbing is so unique because of the degree of exposure that it has to weather. Since most outdoor pipes are plastic, corrosion is a significant concern. Our team wants to ensure that your pipes are in the best shape possible.

When You Need Outdoor Plumbing Repair

Outdoor plumbing has many different components. It can be challenging to keep up with all the various factors in outdoor plumbing. This challenge can be more significant if a homeowner doesn’t encounter them daily. If you notice any of these three symptoms, it’s a good idea to call North Peachtree Plumbing right away. These issues could indicate a severe problem with your plumbing system or appliances.

Water Friction

Water uses more energy to run through an area where there is friction. This friction can be caused by the accumulation of debris in pipes and joints. When this happens, ice can form within the water and the piping itself, causing damage over time that may go unnoticed until something significant happens, such as a pipe bursting or appliance malfunction. In addition, rust from inside the pipe will appear on the outside, making it easy to see if something isn’t right.


Leaks from underground lines are another common issue that homeowners should be concerned about. Underneath the yard’s surface, many hazards can cause damage to underground piping, such as tree roots. Tree roots naturally grow and expand where water is easily accessible, making those locations dangerous for plumbing lines. Without checking these areas regularly, homeowners may not catch damage done by tree roots until it is too late and they have lost valuable water, money spent on repairs, or both.


Another issue with outdoor plumbing services is blockages caused by debris in open channels or gutters leading down from roofs or yards into sewer systems and septic tanks. Often these channels become clogged over time and begin to overflow onto the property, where they can make their way into storm drains which eventually lead to lakes and rivers, causing them to become polluted.

We’ve created a quick list of some plumbing situations that may need immediate attention: 

  • Sprinkler leakage or burst
  • Outdoor faucet replacement or leakage
  • Frozen outdoor piping
  • Outdoor pipe leakage or burst
  • Sewer line burst or blockage

Homeowners that are experiencing any of these issues should consider calling an expert. By doing so, a homeowner is ensuring that the problem has a complete resolution. 

Attempting to repair a plumbing issue on your own could lead to further problems down the road. As a result, you could lose money and find yourself more stressed than ever.

Why You Should Get Outdoor Plumbing Services

The long-term solution to all of these issues with outdoor plumbing services is for homeowners or business owners to get the exterior areas checked regularly by a professional. Then any potential problems can be dealt with before they cause more significant, more costly problems. Many people understand this and get their indoor plumbing systems serviced regularly, so there is no reason not to take care of outdoor ones. Whether it would involve getting gutters cleaned out from leaves and other debris, having root invasions removed from pipes leading into sewer systems, or merely inspecting everything for damage that may need repair. Getting regular inspections will save money in the end if you get these areas looked at regularly.

Benefits of Outdoor Plumbing Services

There are many benefits to outdoor plumbing services, including that you could catch problems before they become serious. This will keep your pipes from getting clogged and can even prevent flooding if you find out something has gone wrong with a drainage system quickly enough.

Regular outdoor plumbing maintenance is also beneficial because it may prevent further damage to structures surrounding pipes. Once again, if you do not take care of these things regularly, then leaves, dirt, and other debris will build up over time. These items are heavy, so they put pressure on structures which can cause them to collapse. If this happens around your pipework, where would the water go? Most likely all over your lawn or into your home.

While routine inspections are most often recommended for most people, there are some things to look for after a storm. For instance, if you have trees in your yard, check the ground around their roots because they could have caused damage to your underground piping system during high winds. While this may not cause immediate problems, it needs to be taken care of before the next big storm comes along.

Whether or not you are an expert at plumbing work, it’s essential to do what you can when taking care of these items. Then again, if you need help with these outdoor plumbing services, then there are plenty of people out there that will gladly come over and take care of any problems that might arise. This article should serve as general knowledge about taking proper care of your outdoor drainage system so that you know what to look out for.

Putting The Drainage System In Place

The first step in taking care of the drainage system is setting it up properly in the first place. When the ground is being dug out for this type of work, extra caution must be taken to ensure there are no dips or valleys because if they are present, then water could pool up during heavy storms and cause damage. If there isn’t much wrong with your outdoor plumbing services, then all you should have to do is make sure everything is clean.

Sprinkler Leakage

Sprinkler leaks can present significant problems for homeowners if not immediately addressed. These leaks are often among the most noticeable issues and can present in a variety of ways:

  • Water spraying directly upward
  • Pooling water at the base of the sprinkler
  • Water flooding between the sprinkler head and lawn

Sprinklers can also malfunction by not producing water. This malfunction is a signal that a blockage or leak is occurring in the underground piping. 

If not addressed, sprinkler leaks could lead to under or over-watered grass. A sprinkler leak without a resolution could even end up killing grass. As a result, a costly re-sod might be in your future. Hiring a plumbing service can remedy this issue, saving you money and time in the process. 

Outdoor Faucet Leakage

An outdoor faucet leak may not look like much, but it can waste quite a lot of water if unchecked. According to the USGS, an outdoor faucet leaking at about 60 drips/second can waste up to 2,777 gallons per year. This amount of wasted water could end up costing a homeowner extra on their water bill.

Outdoor faucet leaks can cause a variety of issues both indoors and outdoors. Some more common problems include:

  • Over-watering grass
  • Discoloration on outdoor walls
  • Mold and mildew formation around the leak
  • Leaking inside adjacent rooms

Outdoor faucet replacement can save a homeowner money. These replacements can also prevent costly future repairs. Although it seems small, fixing a faucet or fixture can go a long way for a home or yard. Call us for outdoor faucet replacement and fixture repair today!

Frozen Outdoor Piping

During winter and early spring, cold temperatures may cause pipes in a home or yard to freeze. This freezing usually occurs overnight, where cold temperatures harden uninsulated piping. 

Freezing occurs when water isn’t running through the pipes in a home. Homeowners can quickly remedy it by leaving the tap dripping overnight. A dripping faucet or tub provides enough warmth to keep the system from freezing.

If pipes do freeze, it can potentially lead to a pipe burst. If a homeowner turns on their water to discover it’s only coming out as a trickle, pipes may be frozen. Checking for cold spots in piping is a quick way to see if your pipes are freezing. If lines appear to be broken or cool, it is best to turn off the water and call a plumbing expert. 

Here at North Peachtree Plumbing, we want to ensure that your pipes are in the best shape possible. Give us a call today if you suspect that your pipes are in danger of freezing damage.

Outdoor Pipe Burst

Sometimes the worst-case scenario happens, and a pipe bursts. Water can then spew all over a yard or garden. Pipe bursts usually occur during the winter, when they freeze overnight. If this happens, follow these steps to remedy the issue:

Turn off your home’s water

Turning off the water prevents flooding and water damage from occurring. It would help if you did this before you are assessing the damage. It is a quick way to remedy the situation while help is on the way.

Inspect the area for any extra damage

Check the walls around the leak and make sure that additional damage didn’t occur indoors. Rust stains and water damage are clear signs that the leak may have originated indoors. Afterward, check outdoors and, if possible, survey the leaking unit.

Give us a call

To ensure that the situation doesn’t escalate, you should call a plumbing expert. North Peachtree Plumbing is here to address any concerns you may have about outdoor plumbing repair. Give us a call, and we will get to you as soon as possible.

Sewer Line Blockage

Sometimes a sink can be more than just clogged; slow-running fixtures in a home could indicate potential sewer line issues. A homeowner could experience many backups or failures simultaneously. If this is your case, it could mean that a sewer line issue has manifested. Potential signs of a backed-up sewer line include:

  • The lawn above the sewer line begins to slope or grows discolored over time
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises coming from fixtures
  • Many fixtures seem to be simultaneously clogged
  • Usage of one fixture causes a backup in another
  • Fixtures are repeatedly clogging, even after treated

Many situations could cause these signs to occur in a home. Sewer line issues take a long time to manifest. Because of this, events could occur over the years until the system eventually fails.

Potential causes of a backed-up sewer line include:

  • Flushing large objects down the toilet
  • Pouring grease down the kitchen drain
  • Using the garbage disposal on large objects
  • Root growth over time 
  • Age of sewer line system

If you’re unsure about what might have caused the sewer line issue, don’t worry. Call the plumbing experts at North Peachtree, and we’ll help solve the problem. We’ll get your sewer line fixed in no time, saving you time and money.

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