Residential Tankless Water Heaters.




NORITZ is the No.1 manufacturer of Tankless water heaters in the world.

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North Peachtree Plumbing recommends the following model for most residential applications.


This model provides up to 7.5 Gallons per min.

Enough to supply several fixtures simultaneously with endless hot water.

Or fill a Jacuzzi tub and still have unlimited hot water for other tasks (shower, laundry) without having to wait for the tank to reheat.


Always Hot
Noritz Tankless gas heaters heat up water instantly and have the hot water to your application in a few seconds. An advanced electronic control system ensures an endless hot water supply without temperature fluctuations.


1. Energy Efficient
At Noritz, energy efficiency is there main concern. Using advanced technology allows for 80-85% efficiency in their product. Noritz Tankless gas water heaters provide an endless supply of hot water while heating only the demand that is needed. This performance cuts water-heating costs up to 50%. Through these savings, a Noritz Tankless water heater essentially pays for itself in 3 to 5 years.

2. Low Emissions
Over 50 years of rigorous research and development has brought Noritz to the forefront of Tankless technology. Because of the high efficiency of their Tankless heaters, the NOx emissions (smog) are minimized. In addition, because the water heaters only heat water on demand (less "on-time") they emit far less carbon dioxide than other water heaters.

3. Recycled Packaging
As part of their efforts to preserve the environment, they use recycled paper and materials in their packaging. This ensures Noritz products are environmentally friendly, even after leaving the production facilities.

When you buy Noritz water heaters you can rest assured knowing that you are buying the highest quality products made with cutting edge technology and the best parts available. The excellent craftsmanship of Noritz's dedicated employees also makes it possible to deliver water heaters of the utmost quality to our valued customers throughout the world. Noritz only makes Tankless water heaters they don't make drills, dishwashers or Tank type heaters only Tankless. This allows them to create the best Tankless heater in the market today.

 North Peachtree Plumbing, Co. believes Noritz produces the highest quality Tankless water heaters in the industry today. Noritz warranties the heat exchangers in their units for Ten years and as they are made of high quality Copper ( just as many homes copper water pipes) they are expected to last much longer.


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