Plumbing Products Page



North Peachtree Plumbing Co. is an independent plumbing company and does not represent any specific brand of manufactures products.

By adopting this stance we can offer a larger assortment of products to our customers. We have found through customer feedback that by adopting this position our customers are better served with this larger assortment of products.

The pages below are filled with a small assortment of products that we can supply. A much larger assortment of products can be found by following the links to the manufactures home pages or visiting your local home supply center (lowes, home depot).


  Residential Kitchen Products     

These pages provide a small assortment of popular products we have installed in the past as well as many we would be glad to install for you in the near future.


Residential Bath Products

        These pages show an assortment of bathroom products with links to the corresponding companies web pages.


  Commercial Products Page
This page has views of some commercial grade products installed in most commercial establishments. Any of these products can be installed as a direct replacement to existing fixtures or as an upgrade to a more functional model with more features.