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Sloan Water Saving Manual Flush Valves


UPPERCUT - Fastest Way to Start Saving Water! 


Sloan’s new Dual-Flush Flushometer is the first commercial Flushometer to reduce water volume by approximately 30%.

 The Dual-Flush handle also easily retrofits to most existing valves.
    • Lifting handle up initiates reduced flush (1.1 gpf), eliminating liquid and paper waste, saving a 1/2-gallon of water!
    • Pushing handle down initiates full flush (1.6 gpf), eliminating solid waste and paper.
    • Antimicrobial coating on handle protects against germs.
    • Distinctive colored handle signifies water conserving fixture.


Sloan Water Saving Auto Flush Valves




The new Sloan ECOS™ dual-flush Flushometer is the first electronic valve of its kind.

Advanced sensor technology allows for hands-free operation while still delivering water-saving dual-flush performance. The valve bases flush volume on the usage.

Once a user is detected, if the user leaves in 65 seconds or less, a reduced flush of 1.1 gpf/4.2 Lpf will automatically initiate.

If the user stays longer than 65 seconds, a full flush of 1.6 gpf/6.0 Lpf will automatically initiate when the user leaves.

The circuit automatically resets and is ready for the next user.